The Man in the Way

About the Film

This film tells the story of a doctor and politician MUDr. Frantisek Kriegel, a hero of the Prague Spring, which occurred in 1968. Kriegel and five other leading representatives of the ruling Czechoslovak Communist Party (Dubcek, Cernik, Smrkovsky, Spacek a Simon) were arrested on the night of August, 21st and kidnapped to Moscow. Despite constant pressure and numerous death threats, Kriegel remained the only one out of 26 Czech and Slovak politicians to refuse the signing of the Moscow Capitulation Protocol. This document represented consent with the military occupation of Czechoslovakia and the latter degrading years of “Normalisation”.   

This film project is supposed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the August 1968 events. It does not plan on becoming a typical biography, but rather a gripping political thriller concentrating on the years which were the most challenging not only for Frantisek Kriegel, but Czechoslovakia, as well. In the spirit of Kachyna’s masterpiece “The Ear”,  Szabó's "MEFISTO" or Orwell’s “1984”, the film will offer viewers an existential drama about an individual oppressed by a totalitarian regime. The movie’s tense and chilling atmosphere will be enhanced by suggestive and stylized takes. The storyline will partly rely on previously undisclosed facts and witness testimony.

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