The Man in the Way

This film tells the story of a doctor and politician MUDr. Frantisek Kriegel, a hero of the Prague Spring, which occurred in 1968. Despite constant pressure and numerous death threats, Kriegel remained the only one out of 26 Czech and Slovak politicians to refuse the signing of the Moscow Capitulation Protocol.


Blind Birds´ Journey

Family oriented adventure movie. Story of the movie is inspirited by romance book written by Ludvik Soucek

Jules Verne discovered hidden paper written in runes in the oldest Icelandic book Heimskringla. What do rune graffitos mean? Why do drawing of blind birds cause sickness? Does the journey to the centre of the earth really exist?



Life is like a giddy-go-round... full of swans, kicks, hopes and dreams.

In 1997 the movie Life is Beautiful got several very prestigious Oscar awards. The movie catched millions of viewers due to its optimism, humanism and the ability to never give up, no matter what is happening. We all know that life can be so cruel and put us under uneasy situations, sometimes we also have to face betrayals. Swans have the same human apperance even though it is taking place under different circumstances.


The Feast

A hot comedy about an embarrassing beginning and a happy ending

The writer and screenwriter Ladislav Pechacek takes us this time into the recent past.  He gives us a ‘chamber story’ about everyday people whose lives have been overcome by an all-encompassing normality.  The characters are not heroes, or rebels, but they find within themselves the strength, dignity and ability to quietly resist that allows them to save their humanity while navigating the absurd situations of life with their over-sized senses of humor.


Take It Easy

A Forman-style summer teenage comedy

Two boys for three girls provides the basis for an entanglement that leads to a humorous unusual ordinary story about first loves, desires, eagerness, emotional chaos and faux pas, but also about friendship, rivalry and betrayal.  It’s a story told a thousand times before, but forever constant and neverending, always new and different.


The King and His Crank

A fairytale comedy about a king with a less than regal pastime

A comic fairytale from the pen of the bard of film, Dusan Klein will whisk us away to the whimsical period of Art Nouveau, when the whole world ran on hand cranks, and tell us a story of a princess who fell in love with a comedian - and about a king with a less than regal pastime.

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