Lucky Four in the Service of the King


Theme and written by: Hana a Josef Lamkovi
Over twenty years of cooperation with Lucky Four they gave a birth to more than two hundreds stories with animal heroes Fifi, Mousley, Scout and Buddy. Movie theme Lucky Four in the Service of the the King came out of the comic called Philosopher's Stone. Husbands also created tens of very successful and popular bedtime stories and series.

Designer: Jaroslav Němeček
A founder of comic magazine called Lucky Four. First Lucky Four magazine was released forty years ago. Since then Jaroslav Němeček has created over 500 stories!

Directed by: Michal Žabka
Very popular and talented young animator. His movies are collecting awards not only at home in Czech Republic but also abroad. Just recently Czech Television released his bedtime series Three Pigs, first bedtime series shot in 3D in our country. For the animation movie called Car Fairy Tales, which was released in March 2012, Michal Žabka animated his own fanny story The Accountant and the Fairy. 

Editor: Luděk Hudec
A successful editor who gave a birth to several famous movies: Car Fairy Tales, Tobruk, Smart Filip, The Bed, An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World (Czech Lion - Best Editing). He was also involved into couple of very experimental projects. Luděk Hudec is a creator with remarkable dramaturgical feelings.

Music: Ondřej Soukup
Former member of jazz and pop bands - such as Pražský Bigband, Pražský výběr, Orchestr Ladislava Štaidla, Orchestr Karla Gotta. After 1980 he started to compose music and produce albums. He composed music not only for Czech and Slovak movies but for foreign productions. (ZDF, ORF, BBC, Tijuana, RTVE aj.) For example: Second Move of the Pawn (1983), The Forgotten Men (BBC, 1992), Cuttlas Microfilms (Tijuana, RTVE, 1994-1998),  Kolya (1997, Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film), An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World (1998, Czech Lion – Best Music together with Jan Jirásek), Dark Blue World (2001, Czech Lion – Best Music), Emties (2007), third continuation of Hospital at the End of the City (2008).

He composed four very popular albums for singer Lucie Bíla: Missariel (1992), Lucie Bílá (1995), Jampadampa (2003), Woman (2007). He produced another albums, such as: Stars Like Stars (1997) a Bang-Bang (2009). In 1993 the album called Missariel was awarded of five out of eight awards in Czech Grammy. His most interesting theatrical projects are music for ballet called Checkmate (1989, 2009), oratorio The Garden of Earthly Delights (1992), musical play Joan of Arc. (2000),  Love Is Love (2004), Elixir of Life (2005).

He has been closely cooperating with Gabriela Osvladova, who is his songwriter.


Producer: MILOSLAV ŠMÍDMAJER / Bio Illusion 

Co-producer: Prof. Ing. ALEŠ TŘÍSKA, DrSc. / CinemArt 

Theme and written by: Hana a Josef Lamkovi
Designer: Jaroslav Němeček
Editor: Luděk Hudec
Sound Master: Marek Musil
Music: Ondřej Soukup
Opening song - text: Gábina Osvaldová
Script editors: Barbora Červenková, Luděk Hudec
Co-authors: Mária Dufková, Bohumila Zelenková
Executive Producer: Jiří Holan
Animation: Studio Alkay Animation Prague / Petr Horák, Director + 45 Animators from All the Wolrd
Marketing: Nela Schlaichertová, Marta Zídková
Directed by: Michal Žabka
Produced by: Miloslav Šmídmajer (Bio Illusion), Aleš Tříska (CinemArt)

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