How Poets Wait for a Miracle

About the Film

After 12 years, an extremely popular Czech romantic comedy series Poets get a continuation. This time the poets are waiting for a miracle. Štěpán, Kendy and Karas remained friends even after such a long time. Their inexhaustible sense of humor and selfirony, now perhaps with a touch of scepticism, help them to cope with their chaotic lives. Kendy had enough of the work in advertising business and wants to shoot a film, Karas decided to pamper his Blue dream car just virtually and Štěpán fights with the stubborn hospital director Vendulka.

CZ 2016
111 min

Dušan Klein

CAST/ Pavel Kříž, David Matásek, Lukáš Vaculík, Filip A. Kubíček, Linda Rybová, Emily L. Hassmanová, Josef Somr, Eva Jeníčková, Tereza Brodská SCRIPT/ Ladislav Pecháček DOP/ Peter Beňa EDITOR/ Libor Merta SOUND/ Pavel Dvořák MUSIC/ Jaroslav Uhlíř SET DESIGNER/ Petr Zeman ANIMATOR/ Adolf Born COSTUMES/ Lucie Ulíková MAKE-UP/ Helena Bermak

Miloslav Šmídmajer

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